Papa Marni’s involvement in the Copenhagen scene goes way back. He was a rapper in the late 80’s and early 90’s, before finding his way behind the decks in ’97. At first it was all about the sounds of House, Disco, Funk and Afro, until Reggae hit him. He began spinning records as part of Rootsman Hi-Fi and The Sweet Soul Rocking Crew, as well as running Dread Baldhead Soundsystem alongside local heavyweight speaker builder Francis Mboya.

Although Papa Marni is transitioning from DJ’ing to producing Dub and Electro music in his home studio, he still maintains a massive record collection full of rare cuts, unreleased dubs and bespoke dubplates. Tune your system deep, and dive in to a dub-siren powered 2 hour tribute to the late great Jah Shaka.

Photo: Tomas Brixen Kristiansen

1. Who is your mix dedicated to?

My mix is dedicated to the late soundman, producer and selector Jah Shaka (1948-2023), without whom the Dub scene – or any other dance music genre born out of UK since the 80’s – wouldn’t have become what they are today.

2. What inspires you at the moment?

I guess what inspires me the most, is psychedelics, since they let me appreciate the small, fragile glimpses of beauty in nature, music and life.

3. What is filling your life musically right now?

Right now, I enjoy nice drone/ambient like Anne Homler/Steve Moshier’s ‘Gyiah’ or Jon Hopkins’ ‘Sit Around The Fire’. Electro-wise I think Jensen Interceptor rocks it real nice. So much music out there to explore. Never stop being curious!

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Creation Rebel – Beware (Hitrun 12”)

Sgt.Pepper – Time A Go Dread (Ariwa 12”)

Dread & Fred – Dub Fort (Unreleased)

Ras Gibb I – Children Of Israel (Hornin’ Sounds LP)

Dub Crusaders Ft. Bongo Zebby – Readings From The Book Of Life (Jah Works LP)

Earthquake Studio – Overpowering Dub (Earthquake LP)

Jah Vibemaster – Cry Freedom Dub (Jah Vibes 12”)

Disciples Riddim Section – Mission of Dub (Jah Tubby’s 10”)

Rasheda – Psalms 61 (Hear My Cry) (Jah Shaka 12”)

Supa Yout/Simi Disciple – House Of Confusion (Lion Claw Records 12”)

Iration Steppas – Reminiscence (Iration Steppa 10”)

Noel Zebulon – Inspiration (TNT Roots Mix) (Dubplate)

The Shanti-Ites – Cape Horn (Aba-Shanti-I 12”)

Keety Roots – Cold Sweat (Dubplate)

Bushman – Return To Jah (Dubplate)

Noel Zebulon – Warrior Dub (Dubplate)

Dread & Fred – Kingdom (Unreleased)

Centry – Stepping Time (Dubplate Mix) (Jah Warrior Records 12”)

TNT Roots – Mighty Vibration (Lion Musik CD)

Keety Roots – Rod Of Jahovah (Dubplate)

I’nI Oneness – Further (Jah Works 7”)

Mad Professor & Sane Inmates – Bengali Skank (Ariwa 12”)

Rubadub – 2 Breath 2 Echo (Reproduction Outernational 7”)

Shashamarni – Hops Creek Rock (Tribe 84/Dubfabrikken LP)

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