Strøm Festival is back with four days of electronic music journeys all over Copenhagen and Frederiksberg. Come travel with us – from Thursday 22nd to Sunday 25th of August.


Since 2006, Strøm has taken the electronic music from the underground dance floors and nightclubs and moved it out into the cityscape: From metro trains to roof tops, from churches to swimming pools, from grassy lawns to asphalt.


Electrifying news for 2024:

– This year, for the first time ever in the history of Strøm, the Trans Metro Express train will run TWICE – both day and night. 

– We will kick off this years’ festival with some proper time travel: At the launch event, we will bring us all back to 1972, to the first electronic music concert EVER in Denmark – and you will get to experience the entire thing at the original location – in a revived and revitalized version. More info on the launch event in the upcoming week.

– As always, we zigzag through the city:

From open air sound system parties in the greenest corners of Christiania and concrete surroundings in the meat packing district – to soothing bass vibrations and chill-out in a peaceful villa garden, Strøm is all over Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, bringing you a wide selection of electronic music.

Stay tuned for updates on everything.

Strøm Festival is supported by Statens Kunstfond, Københavns Kommune, Frederiksberg Kommune, Frederiksbergfonden, Koda Kultur, Knud Højgaards Fond and William Demant Fonden.