90 groovy minutes of 2000’s progressive trance records stitched together by Copenhagen DJ Bjarke Høver. 

Coming from an upbringing filled with drums and music, Bjarke Høver is a dedicated electronic music digger. Entering the scene with electro-inspired duo Deck Riders (with DJ Sea View) he quickly made an impression on the city’s electronic club & festival scene. These days Bjarke Høver is knee deep in millenium-trance records, as this all-vinyl mix ably displays. 


1. Please tell us about what inspired this mix?

I decided to base my mix on a 4 hour closing set I played at the venue Pumpehuset a few weeks back.

Most of the records I found in the local record store Proton Records where I currently also work from time to time, its the best record store in the city if you ask me and I have been spending countless hours down there digging through all their second hand crates the past few years, and I managed to find some true gems that I did my best to showcase in this mix

2. What are your current obsessions?

Lately I’ve been super excited about progressive, psy & Goa trance and still have only just scratched the surface of the bottomless pit of crazy good music you can find within these genres.

There are a few people i would like to highlight that has been endlessly inspiring for me.

One is the ever versatile producer and ANATTA label boss – HLLW who has been making analog productions for a decade or more, making everything from electro to techno to ambient and not to forget trance music, he really does it all, and has on a personal level taught me so much about music production and the underground community here in Copenhagen.

Secondly DJ Sea View is a past, present and future obsession for sure, and one of the reasons why i’ve gotten to where i am when it comes to mixing, and especially the dedication to digging for tracks that can define your sound and often in his case are so hidden and slap so hard that they make me loose my shit!

Some other DJ’s and producers that i personally think are really pushing good music and setting fire to dancefloors in the scene right now are Signe Alarcón, Britney Speed, Wendy, Pitch B Itch, Matriark, Dainius Groove AKA Channel37, Phloem, DINA, Ash Skead and Thóden – if you haven’t already checked out their sets, mixes and productions, you’re missing out.

Furthermore i am very inspired by the heads at Proton Records, their dedication to digging through music, old as new, is a force to be reckoned with, these guys are not joking when it comes to finding gems, and not just electronic music – throw a genre at the wall down in that shop and these guys know whats up!

Support your local record pushers!

3. What are your thoughts about the electronic music scene in Denmark right now?

To me it really feels like the Copenhagen scene is blossoming in some ways, but I guess it has been for a while.

Having two new venues Ny Lille Klub and Motopol, with concerts, club events and many other cultural happenings over the last fall and winter was really inspiring and made me feel like there are exciting things to come even tho I have for long time felt like DIY venues like that was an era of the past.

Unfortunately they both had to close again after only a very short running period but already there are new exciting initiatives like Radio Panini at Baggen and Sunday parties at Pumpehuset and I’m sure there’s more things to come, at least I really hope so, nothing beats the vibe you get at a party when you can feel theres so much love and dedication put into the function, it gives me a feeling of belonging and being a part of something meaningful.


Martian Reefer – Glow of Dawn

Fabel – Facula

Snug as a Bug – Second Level

Adrenochrome – Raumzimulation

Alhad – green

XV Kilist – Factor Roh

Paste – Sinnflut

Trimatic – Olives

Snug as a Bug – Couple of these

Kilophil – Brontophon

XV Kilist – Junge

Smith – Thiefshag

Noma – 2-D

Smith – Dschungelbahn

Human Blue – Mirror Box

Alegria – Where reality begins

Magnetrixx – Mikrotaster

Andromeda – Out of the Limits

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