A journey into bouncey bass tunes, spaced out dub, psytrance and beyond from Copenhagen’s rising DJ trio Purple Rave Club aka Phloem, Ida Aya and Miss Puppy.

Purple Rave Club is a DJ collective consisting of Phloem, Miss Puppy and Ida Aya. With their signature style and high energy sets, they push everything from psy trance to electro and dubstep creating that purple electrifying energy as their name claims. The three DJ’s  met each other through the DJ academy Future Female Sounds in 2021, and has since played at most venues worth mentioning in Copenhagen and beyond including; Den Anden Side, Hangaren, Culture box and Baggen where they are residents. In 2023 they had their festival debut playing at Roskilde Festival and have since continued to play and throw events pushing femme energized dance music.


1. Please tell us about what inspired this mix?

Psy-inspired dub tracks are something we have all been digging a lot. We find a lot of inspiration from each other and it always creates a kind of chain reaction where we respond to each other’s tracks when we do mixtapes together. We are very inspired by many local artists and producers but currently also especially music coming out of France and australian-based music makers.

2. What are your current obsessions?

Dubstep, psytrance and dirty bass tunes!

3. What are your thoughts about the electronic music scene in Denmark right now?

New genres, DJ’s, groups, spots, labels are popping up in a lot of places, which is super exciting, but at the same time, there have also been some amazing spaces that have been shut down by the municipality and it has been very sad. This has been a setback for many people, but it will hopefully motivate people to get engaged towards seeing bigger changes. The pot is being stirred, but it hopefully will create a moment for new things to come. We really hope to seeing old and new spaces, groups, and events coming together in sharing music, it’s already happening and will probably only be more for the summer :))


Shen Wai Shenfa – Polygonia

Stepper – Anz

Originator – Mbizo

Impulse – LFL

Après-vous  – Mia Koden

Pink City – Dubix

Falaise (De Grandi Remix) – SHALT

Tilted – Carré

Demon provenance – Consulate

Juan40 – Cesco

s3-GZ – Atrice

Passage (Tristan Arp) – Nico

Cosmos Turmoli – RONI

Engine Track – Rhyw

Glucose (Christian Coiffure Remix) – Kincaid

Prude Pride – Byron Yeates, Roza Terenzi, D. Tiffany

Temple Ruin – Traxing Xircles

Headspin – Syz

Process By Witch – Kick21

Ok Fatma (Siu Mata remix) – Muskila

Hunter  – HEDDAH

Loose Lips Sink Ships – Bass Butches

Signs of Weakness  – Hot Pursuit


Alien System – Loif

Babylon X  – Money


Can you float? – D. Dan

X-dream, Pollinator  – Clone III

HOT SHOW – Aasi & Hoymans

Music (In2stellar remix) – Cristofeu

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