For the first time ever, the Trans Metro Express train will run TWICE – both day and night

af | 26. jun 2024

For the first time ever in the history of Strøm, the Trans Metro Express train will run TWICE – both day and night. The day train runs at 16.00-18.00 and the night train at 23.00-01.00.

Join us for one of Strøm’s wildest excursions as we pack a subway carriage with speakers, samplers and synthesizers – and four electronic live-acts performing their new compositions live while the train swooshes through the metro system. All you need to attend is a ticket to the metro and a taste for sweaty underground adventures.

This year’s line-up is:
Vilde Tuv & IBON
Binnie Smalls
dj g2g & Ryong

All the artists have composed new electronic music pieces specifically for this year’s Trans Metro Express, matching the movements and surroundings of the metro lines between Vanløse-Vestamager and Vanløse-Cph Airport – from busy cityscapes and dark tunnels to suburban gardens and stretches of nature.

The train ride will start in Vanløse and travel on the M1 (to Vestamager) and M2 (to Copenhagen Airport) and then back again, stopping at all stations – for two hours of festive and fully packed metropolitan music mayhem. Anyone with a metro ticket can jump aboard the train at any point during the journey as long as capacity allows it.

16.00-16.30 + 23.00-23.30: Gavnlig (Vanløse – Vestamager)

16.30-17.00 + 23.30-00.00: Vilde Tuv & IBON (Vestamager – Vanløse)

17.00-17.30 + 00.00-00.30: Binnie Smalls (Vanløse – Cph Airport)

17.30-18.00 + 00.30-01.00: dj g2g & Ryong (Cph Airport – Vanløse)


From the Norwegian elf-like vocals of Vilde Tuv floating over the fast paced and pounding trance productions by DJ IBON, to the soft and spiritual sounds of Ryong merged with the multi-genre-extravaganza by dj g2g, combining hardstyle, jersey club and deconstructed bubblegum. Left-field bass enthusiast Gavnlig channels a broad spectrum of influences spanning from nimble UK funky and groundshaking steppas to fierce acid lines and razor sharp electro. And the Stockholm-based producer Binnie Smalls brings the juicy and bottom heavy sounds of dancehall, afrobeats, UK-hip hop and reggae.


Vilde Tuv & DJ IBON

Binnie Smalls

dj g2g & Ryong


Strøm will host a party conveniently close to Vanløse metro station from 15.00 to midnight. Free admission. More info TBA!