Enotea is a Berlin based musician, writer and filmmaker whose sound is in constant flux. They have made two albums and several EPs under aliases like Teiid and Kid Enotea. Their latest album, In The Light Room was released on the independent label InterCourse and is about “waves and walls, and the waves on walls insisting on freedom.”

For their entry in the Strøm Mixx series, they’ve curated an otherworldly selection of everything from jazz and ambient to experimental rock, string septets and movie soundtracks. Dim the lights, lean back and allow your ears to go on a two hour expedition into the deepest recesses of Enotea’s record crates.

Photo: Birk Thomassen

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1. Who is your mix dedicated to?

My fam, both blood and water – especially Nat Marcus, Marco Stoltze, my sis Koviljka, and Giulia Ciola.

2. What inspires you at the moment?

The concept of scenius. And becoming, seeing people around me change and grow, friends and family making really good shit, and getting better at being themselves in the face of it all.

3. What is filling your life musically right now?

Stuff from the early seventies keep coming up, the year 1973 especially, across Miles Davis to Italian film scores and early alternative ambient works. And then, listening to a lot of independent radios right now.

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Enotea – Waves On Walls

Radiohead – Bloom

Bill Frisell – Monroe

New World Science – Movement 4

Enotea – Wetlands

John Adams – Shaker Loops: II. Hymning Slews

Miles Davis – Lonely Fire

Miles Davis – Maiysha

Kenny Burell – Stolen Moments

Ulla Straus – Smile

Radiohead – Feral 

Efdemin – Oh, Lovely Appearance of Death

Jon Hassel – Light On Water (Live)

Teiid – Drinks At The Underground Pools

Pasamoan Art Initiated – Soliloquy 1

Koviljka – Suel

Windy & Carl – Forest Trails

Manami Kakudo – Lark (live) 

Hasse Bruun & Enotea – And Their Hard Walls

Ann Southam – Rivers: Set 3, No. 1

Fred Halsted – LA Plays Itself

Ulla Straus – Hope Sonata

The Flies – Gently As You Feel 

Kamil Dossar – Obscura

Sofie Birch & Antonina Nowacka – Lilieae

Jackson Conti – Papaia

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