Between their residency on Istanbul based Root Radio, multiple guest shows, VA appearances, activism and performances across the Copenhagen club scene, Azi aka. KUCHULU is swiftly making a name for themselves. As a DJ, they create sceneries where otherwise different styles bend and attach to each other at the same time as they dislocate.

This mix is a real treat, blending brooding ambiences with soaring experimental pop, gritty breaks, future club styles and beyond.

Photo: Sol Khorshid Tadayoni

1. Who is your mix dedicated to?

My mix is dedicated to everyone who wants to listen in and be open minded. This mix is
conflicted but full of life. Those who know me know that I have a love for a lot of different
music, and that I don’t have one crowd, one genre and one scene. This is the first mix I’ve
made that caters to intense dancing. And at the same time it is a soundscape and a good old
radio mixtape, ’cause I cannot deliver a mixtape without it having a radio feel. It is very
intensely dedicated to those of you who feel like screaming, chilling, jumping and sleeping all
at once.

2. What inspires you at the moment?

At the moment it inspires me to be with like minded people in a large sense of the words.
Back in 2020 when I was invited to play at Club Versatile at Bakken, I think it was the first
time I understood it. The music and references of inspiration I had with me, that normally
wouldn’t get received, people would sing along, vibe, and I felt a connectedness to the crowd
that left me in shock for days after.

Since then, encounters with likeminded people serve as a
constant inspiration to me. That, and when I encounter DJ’s who are great at code switching
while staying true to their style. And at the same time, learning from DJ’s I know, who stay
genre specific, as it gets easier for me to play between genres, and adapt, when I practice
mixing inside them.

Creating sets that makes it possible for the crowd to sing along to for example Sugababes, while

being able to sneak some noise or grunge in that makes music tolerable for the people who
do not get it, but catches the people who do, is something that I feel has been an important
craft and is an ongoing inspiration for me.

3. What is filling your life musically right now?

It’s been a constant, but since the months up to September last year, the ongoing revolution
in Iran has filled a lot in my thoughts and in my music life. I haven’t felt the same form of
escapism that has been a big connector between me and DJ’ing. Instead I’ve felt like my
sets have been run by a need for presence. Shout out Bukhar, Nørrebro Pride &

You can find more of Kuchulu’s activities by following them on instagram or listening to their music on Soundcloud




AZADI.mp3 – Empty Platform

RAYE – Black Mascara 

ArtSaves – Clearing Cache 

Drummy – Snax Focus

Blood of Aza – Inhumation (Ghozt Remix)

Santa Muerte – Exus

Jahanam & DJ HAYDN – Need 4 Speed 

Circuit 900 – Altitude (Decompression) 

Noizy Wilson – The Clean-Up

Bored Lord – Cant Believe That It’s Real  

Call Super – No Fool 

Oyubi – Fulmoonside 

Shahrum Kashani – Nazi Joon


DÆMON & Cassius Select – Guardian Angel 

TenTwentySeven – Cogs 

TASO – SaxXx


Beyoncé – Sweet Dreams (Vegas White Remix) 

Breaka – Descending 

3Phaz – Pivot 

Teenangel – Furia

Khan El Rouh – Mount Qaf 

DJ Haram – Overeager 


Nicola Cruz – Se Pone Caliente 

Teenangel – Katana 

D.Dan – Oooo  

Nene H – Palestine 

Wonder Girls – So Hot 

Slikback – SONSHITSU

Yilan – Suddenly I Am Falling

Drippin & Copout – Night Flare 

Santigold – Disparate Youth 

DJ Manny – Get The Money 

James Baley & Twysted Miyake-Mugler – Saviour (Reprise) 

Robert Hood – Run

SHIVARASA – Reception 

Varnrable – Let’s Kill The Vibe (Le Kaiju Remix)

Bishop – Baile Juke (Ft. Mc Bin Laden) 

DJ Paypal – Ahhhhhhh

EQ Why – Halfway Juked

Kush Jones X DJ SWISHA – Tweaked Out 

Sina Bathaie – Breath of Life

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