Fast Lytter: Carla Schack (Batukizer)

af | 1. nov 2023

Carla was born and raised Brazilian and her electronic DJ sets draws on references from Brazil, the
African continent and the rest of Latin America. As one half of DJ duo Batukizer along with husband Rasmus Schack, the Afro-Futurist artists and ravers are world renowned for exposing Brazilian sounds to a wide audience through their vinyl
DJ sets amassing over 4 million plays on Youtube, regular tours in Brazil and their recent residency
on London’s NTS Radio.

Their electronic sets can best be described as “diaspora rave”; the sound of the African and Latin American diaspora condensed into high energy electronic dance music. Carla has played at Baile Funk parties in Berlin, has a street scene at Distortion and played at last year’s Nyege Nyege festival in Uganda – a festival she strongly recommends for anyone interested in exploring these sounds!

Photo: Daniel Liversage

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Describe your playlist in three words.

Diaspora + Rave = Diaspo-rave

What are you up to at the moment?

Conquering the World with Brazilian music through Youtube sets and NTS residency. Destroying
the DJ patriarchy teaching women and minorities how to be professional and brave DJs.

Playing both all vinyl and digital sets in Copenhagen, Aarhus, London, France, Berlin, Romania and

What was your last big musical experience?

Playing a vinyl set in Romania this summer. The small crowd was completely open, curious and
able to feel the music across continents, generations and perceptions.

If you want to stay up to date on Carla and Batukizer, follow her on Instagram or on Spotify.