“I would really like people to experience it themselves. I don’t want to reveal too much”

af | 6. dec 2023

On January 6th 2024, the HVAD DØGN sound ritual will unfold in the underground water reservoirs of Cisternerne.


HVAD aka Hari Shankar Kishore has spent three years doing sound recordings in Cisternerne and is using these recordings as building blocks for his HVAD DØGN compositions.
“I have composed three different pieces for the three different chambers in Cisternerne”, HVAD says.
“The reverb in the old water reservoirs is 17 seconds long, and depending on where you are standing, the sounds from the speakers will be very different. You have to move your body through the reverb. But I would really like people to experience it themselves. I don’t want to reveal too much.”

Watch a movie snippet of HVAD recording in Cisternerne: The building blocks of HVAD DØGN 


The HVAD DØGN sound ritual is the first music experience ever in Cisternerne which uses all three chambers simultaneously.

HVAD’s compositions for each chamber interweave like planetary orbits over the 24 hours, and HVAD will occasionally interact with the sound ritual as a master of ceremonies, improvising with speakers and turntables using his home-made records as well as various other instruments, including ancient Indian drums and stringed instruments.

You can enter the HVAD DØGN sound ritual in Cisternerne whenever and as often as you like during the 24 hours – and move about freely, guided only by your ears and your intuition.

Get your tickets here: HVAD DØGN tickets


Photo: HVAD in Cisternerne by Catherine Pattinama Coleman