The building blocks of HVAD DØGN: Three years of recordings in Cisternerne

af | 30. dec 2023

Over the last three years, HVAD has recorded a myriad of sounds in the spectacular acoustics of Cisternerne – the old underground water reservoirs in Frederiksberg. These recordings have become the building blocks of HVAD DØGN – a 24 hour sound ritual taking place in Cisternerne from January 6th at 3.33 AM to January 7th at 3.33 AM.
This movie snippet below is from three years ago, just when HVAD started working on the recordings in the old water reservoirs.


“I bought these tablas in India when I was 17 years old and visiting my family in Old Delhi,” HVAD says.

Since his debut album in 2008, HVAD has mixed electronic music genres with traditional Indian rhythms and instruments.
For the HVAD DØGN sound ritual, HVAD has composed three meditative pieces, each 24 hours long (a ‘døgn’ in Danish), for the three chambers of Cisternerne.
Using the sound recordings as building blocks he combines these with studio experimentations on specially-cut gramophone records, electronic sound equipment and classical Indian instruments.
With a ticket to HVAD DØGN, you are free to move about in all three chambers of Cisternerne, and you can come and go whenever and as often you like during the 24 hours.

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