This electronic masterpiece will be playing from underground speakers throughout 2024

af | 29. dec 2023

The electronic masterpiece ET LYDÅR will be playing from the underground speakers of Lydbrøndene throughout 2024.

From January 4th, you can experience ET LYDÅR by Gunner Møller Pedersen in Lydbrøndene. 

ET LYDÅR (‘a sound year’) was composed by Gunner Møller Pedersen from 1977-1982 and is considered a masterpiece in European electronic music. It was played regularly from 1977 to 1999 in the Winter Gardens of Glyptoteket in Copenhagen.

The work consists of 12 movements, each lasting approximately 30 minutes, and it was originally composed as a quadraphonic work in four separate sound channels. 

Each month of the year is interpreted with its own composition, and in 2024 you can experience a new piece every month in Lydbrøndene on Solbjerg Plads. It all starts with ‘January’, of course – on January 4th.

Specific play times
Thursdays: 18.00-18.30
Sundays: 16.00-16.30


About Lydskatten
Strøm is continually working to preserve the music equipment, the oldschool hardware and the electronic music composed in Denmark from the 1950s to the 1980s. Gunner Møller Pedersen’s compositions are part of this project.

About Lydbrøndene
32 speakers are installed below ground in 32 wells all around the city square of Solbjerg Plads on Frederiksberg, creating an underground sound system and a unique musical platform below our feet called Lydbrøndene (The Sound Wells).

This multichannel sound system allows for musicians and sound artists to create multidimensional and dynamic soundscapes that curious visitors and passers-by can walk through and explore on their own.

This project is supported by Statens Kunstfond, Frederiksberg Kommune, Frederiksberg Fonden og Koda.