Inside the cozy, blue-painted walls of a basement in Blågårdsgade 14 you’ll find Speakers Korner. While they’re elebrating their 5 year anniversary at this location in January, Vlada Aganovic opened the store almost a decade ago, and the selection is a testament to his diverse and ever evolving taste in music. Running the gamut of video game soundtracks, leftfield bass music, experimental electro, and niche Ethiopian funk, you’re bound to find something new if you go digging.

Apart from using his shop to host record releases, hosting open deck sessions and running a community library of books related to electronic music, Vlada invites local selectors for vinyl only jungle sessions, turning the tiny space into a sweaty dungeon rave roughly once a month.

In this edition of Fast Lytter, Vlada really took the listener part of the playlist name to heart. In the attention economy, tracks have gotten progressively shorter, in order to keep the listener from losing interest and playing the next song, but he’s gone in the opposite direction. Coming in at a whopping 7 hours and 20 minutes, this meditative 30-track playlist boasts exclusively songs 8 minutes or longer. You’ll find soundtracks from art installations, live recordings of jazz trios, Tuareg guitar music from the Sahara, liquid drum & bass and electronica.

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Describe your playlist in three words.

Anti short-span entertainment.

What are you up to at the moment?

Just had the last in store vinyl session of the year with a bunch of super dope local DJ’s like DJ Repulse, Odd Harmonics, RMZ, DJ Ridler, Dj Lukey and Blears. Other than that just surviving the winter, trying to make the record shop go around, DJ’ing sometimes and listening to lots of music.

What was your last big musical experience?

I must admit i don’t go out that much anymore. I was a proper raver in my previous life. Now i go out if i play records or if some of my friends are doing something. I had great time at Concrete Jungle party with Sully and N.E.Girl smashing it. LMajor and live set by Mani Festo for Decompression was lovely too.

If you want to stay up to date on Vlada and Speakers Korner, drop by his shop on Blågardsgade 14, or follow him on Instagram.