HVAD DØGN: A 24 hour subterranean sound ritual

af | 23. nov 2023

HVAD DØGN is a 24 hour subterranean sound ritual by HVAD, exploring circular time, space and sound. HVAD DØGN unfolds in Cisternerne on January 6th to January 7th 2024 – from Saturday 03.33 AM to Sunday 03:33 AM.

Commissioned by Strøm, the Danish/Indian composer and producer HVAD [aka Hari Shankar Kishore] has spent the last three years exploring the unique soundscapes of Cisternerne, the old underground water reservoirs of the Danish capital. The result is HVAD DØGN, a 24 hour long subterranean sound ritual.

Tickets here: HVAD DØGN at billetto

Over the last three years HVAD has recorded a myriad of sounds in the spectacular acoustics of the three giant reservoir chambers that make up Cisternerne. As the only dripstone cave in Denmark it totals more than 4.000 m2 of sparsely illuminated, high-ceilinged cement halls covered in beautiful, fragile dripstones.

HVAD records and composes using Cisternerne’s acoustic architecture of endless reverbs and echoes. His many recordings are then reworked in the Kommunal Dubplate Service studio, before returning back to the old reservoirs to record again. A circular process, which makes Cisternerne’s underworldly spatial and acoustic properties the key elements of the HVAD DØGN sound ritual. “A space dedicated to souls and spirits”, as HVAD puts it.

HVAD has composed three meditative pieces, each 24 hours long [a ‘døgn’ in Danish), for the three chambers of Cisternerne. Using the sound recordings as building blocks he combines these with studio experimentations on specially-cut gramophone records, electronic sound equipment and classical Indian instruments.

This circular process, inspired by movements of the sun and earth and the cyclical time concept of Hinduism, is found everywhere in the composition. Notably, parts of his three years of sound recording sessions are cut onto physical records using so-called locked grooves (endless circles of sound rather than the start-to-end spirals usually found on records), creating infinite sound loops that play a prominent part in HVAD DØGN.

The HVAD DØGN sound ritual is the first music experience ever in Cisternerne which uses all three chambers simultaneously. HVAD’s compositions for each chamber interweave like planetary orbits over the 24 hours, and HVAD will occasionally interact with the sound ritual as a master of ceremonies, improvising with speakers and turntables using his home-made records as well as various other instruments, including ancient Indian drums, stringed instruments and resonating metals.

The audience can enter the HVAD DØGN sound ritual in Cisternerne whenever and as often as they like during the 24 hours. They are invited to move about freely in the three chambers, guided only by their ears and their intuition, exploring HVAD’s notion of circular time, space and sound while creating their own subterranean sound journey.

HVAD DØGN unfolds in Cisternerne on January 6-7 2024, from Saturday at 03.33 AM to Sunday at 03.33 AM. Presented by Strøm along with Frederiksbergmuseerne​​.

Tickets here (220 DKK, free entry for under 18s): HVAD DØGN at billetto

Circular souvenirs
For this event only, a total of 24 unique HVAD DØGN records are for sale for 500 DKK each. At every hour of HVAD DØGN, one specially-made record is released for sale in Cisternerne [first come, first serve]. Each record is cut individually by HVAD himself featuring different fragments of sounds from HVAD DØGN.

About HVAD
Since his debut album Perker Tech (2008), HVAD has mixed electronic music genres with traditional Indian rhythms and instruments – and is highly acclaimed for his unique work as a sound artist, using the gramophone record as a medium in innovative ways. He founded and still runs the Kommunal Dubplate Service studio in Copenhagen, the only studio in the country cutting and mastering records and limited dubplate releases for his own works and for artists across all genres. Furthermore he has established the record labels ULLLU and Syg Nok.

About Cisternerne
In 2024, it will be 10 years since the relaunch of Cisternerne as an underground art space, where an annual site-specific exhibition is showcased alongside a program of high-profile and experimental cultural events. The anniversary year will be celebrated with ambitious highlights, all curated by the Cisternerne’s Musical Advisory Board. HVAD DØGN is the first highlight of the anniversary year – commissioned by Strøm, which ten years ago also presented the first musical event ever in the new Cisternerne.

About Strøm
Strøm is Denmark’s institution for electronic music, serving as a catalyst for the genre in Denmark in close collaboration with the electronic music community – dedicated to bringing the genre to new spaces and locations.

The event is supported by: Strøm, Cisternerne/Frederiksbergmuseerne, Kommunal Dubplate Service, Frederiksberg Kommune, Københavns Kommune, Statens Kunstfond, Frederiksbergfonden, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Bestles Fond