TSUNIMAN er en schweizisk-født DJ baseret i London. Siden 2019 har de været aktive som del af kollektiverne Sisu Crew og Co-Select der begge arbejder med repræsentation bag pulten og scenen, samt som resident på fetish- og kink-festerne Klub VerbotenE1.

Derudover har de spillet på klubber som franske Rex Club og Macadam, Berlin’s OHM Club samt London’s techno-tilflugtssted FOLD.

Deres lyd er kendetegnet af samspillet mellem dybe, hypnotiske elementer og klokkeklare diskant-toner og i dette Strøm Mixx bevæger de sig ud på endnu dybere vand. Læs mere om tankerne bag deres selection nedenfor.

Photo: Dominic Dorin

1. Who is your mix dedicated to?

This mix is dedicated to the deep souls out there. You’ll need patience and connection to your higher self. Don’t be afraid to listen. I hope you will abandon your mind and body to trance-inducing music.

I also want to dedicate this to the people who have supported my DJ journey from day 1 (you know who you are). I don’t want to make this cheesy but thank you for being there for me!

2. What inspires you at the moment?

At the moment, I’m inspired by the music communities around me who constantly challenge the mainstream narrative of what’s popular in dance music these days. Going to see my friends and favourite DJ’s play has been a very important factor in helping mature my sound further. There are some incredible like-minded people who have teleported me to sonic heavens many times and I’m very grateful for that.

3. What is filling your life musically right now?

DJ’ing loads and working a new full-time job at Beatport. And of course, going out to have my weekend dose of music and dance as it’s a key element of self-care for me. I have to move my body to music that I feel can heal the mundane life struggles.

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Solma – Subglacial (m3 s)
Hydrous – Navigēra
Atomic Moog – Static Flow (Original Mix)
Doctrina Natura – Hexed Lichen
Shoal – Aureola (Original Mix)
Priori – Hazard
Subsism – Swampy Aura (De Grandi Remix)
Akob – Phase of Denial (Dycide Remix)
Svarog – Great Mind
Luigi Tozzi – Spiral (Rrose Remix)
DJ Trim – Vice
Terminal Sync – Nantan
Kaspiann, Multicast Dynamics – Kaspiann – Four (Mohlao Remix)
Sleep D – Red Rock (IVX23 Wet Version)
A2iCE & BO3 – A Rubbles Lament
Meller – Voodoo
Dave Wincent – Lunatic (Original Mix)
A Strange Wedding – Labyrinthes
Daniel Vernunft – Something
Echotek – Hamutzim Land (Original Mix)
Incorrect Waves – Reflection
The Dosadi Experiments – Arrival
Son Kite – Youngel
A2iCE & BO3 – Mineral Treasure
WakeUpNeo – Amphibian Destiny
Alpha Tracks – April/04
Hysteria Temple Foundation – Iddak
RBI – Arrivée Les Nuages
K.O.P. 32 – Baja (Senggi Live Version)
Solma – Under The Black Lodge

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