New musical adventures await: Join us in our late-summer oasis for a full day and night of new sights and perspectives at the edge of the city.

Expand your musical horizons and travel on shimmering fata morganas and spellbinding frequencies from the sand dunes of the Sahara desert to the heavy sounds of South London.

This will be a spectacular fifteen hour vision quest taking you from leaned-back ambience, sky-high percussive experiments and hypnotizing techno to futuristic bass excursions, peak time bpm’s and urban jungle vibes at night, served on the very best sound systems.

Lineup outside 14.00-21.00 (free entry):
Mikkel Ulriksen + Opica + Deb Foam + HVAD + Azu Tiwaline

Lineup inside 21.00-05.00 (200 DKK):
mi-el + re:ni + Batu + Minor Science

Strøm Festival 2023: Tunnel Visions
Saturday, Sept 2nd at 14.00-05.00
Odds & Ends, Oceanvej 1

Tickets for the inside warehouse rave from 21.00: (Tickets here).

There’s plenty of space at the colourful Odds and Ends location and lots of places to dance, hang out, lean back and enjoy delicious foods and refreshing drinks during the day and evening – before blasting off into a full night of energetic raving.

We start outside at 14.00 (expect a mix of glorious hybrid performances, from dreamy desert dub to hypnotizing techno), and just after sunset at 21.00 we move inside for a bewitching night of raving where we turn up the tempo and the bass. The outside party is free. The inside party starting at 21.00 is 200 DKK (tickets here).

Strøm Festival has been made possible by the support of Statens Kunstfond, Københavns Kommune, Frederiksberg Kommune and Frederiksberg Fonden.

Minor Science:

Azu Tiwaline:
Deb Foam:
Mikkel Ulriksen: