Strøm Mixx 012: Solid Blake

Glasgow-born, Copenhagen-based Solid Blake is behind this month's Strøm Mixx. Read our interview and listen to her mix here.

af | 17. dec 2021

This month, we’re happy to welcome Glasgow-born, Copenhagen-based DJ and producer Solid Blake, who’s behind the latest rendition of Strøm Mixx.

Read our interview with Solid Blake, and listen to the mix below:

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How would you describe the mix you’ve recorded? Was it made with a certain emotion, theme or experience in mind?

The mix is quite typical of how I like to play in clubs – breaks, electro, funny noises and odd little vocal samples. I like to vary the intensity quite a lot when I play, so that it doesn’t feel like a linear progression towards rougher or faster. I like to make sure there’s a bit of room to breathe and enjoy each track.

Are there any artists featured in the mix you would highlight? Why?

I started and finished the mix with music from Nikki Nair. He’s released so much great stuff in the past few years, and he’s my go-to when I want to play something fun and interesting. There’s also a great unreleased track from DJ JM that I was really excited to include.

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How would you characterise yourself as a producer? What influences do your own productions draw upon, and what inspires you in general when making music?

A few months ago, I probably would have said ‘retired’. I took quite an extended break from making music in the past year, but I’m lucky to work with a bunch of extremely talented people in my day job, and our daily conversations about music-making have helped me find my way back into the game with tons of new inspiration. Most recently, I’ve been exploring new workflows to get me in the headspace for making something I want to listen to.

Do you have any releases, gigs or projects coming up in the next few months, you’re excited about? Anything else you’d like to highlight?

I’m working on my next release now. It feels great to be back at it, especially while I’m not playing so many gigs. My monthly radio show on Rinse FM has kept me digging for new music in the meantime too – it’s been great to have that regular outlet to share what I’m enjoying.

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If I were to highlight anything, lately I’ve been enjoying listening to Ami Dang:

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You can follow Solid Blake on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and Bandcamp