Strøm Mixx 011: Perko

Introducing Perko, the Scottish-born, Copenhagen-based producer and DJ, in our latest Strøm Mixx.

af | 1. jul 2021

Photo: Matthew Arthur Williams

This month, we’re happy to introduce Copenhagen-based DJ and producer Perko to our Strøm Mixx series.

Originally born in Scotland, Perko has long been a household name within the electronic music scene of Copenhagen, having released records on Posh Isolation and Safe, as well as international labels like Numbers. Perko’s style is unique and spans from modern club cuts, fusing a wide range of genres, to ambient soundscapes, often integrating field recordings from Copenhagen and other surroundings.

Read our interview with Perko, and listen to the mix below:

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How would you describe the mix you’ve created? Did you record it with a certain emotion, theme or experience in mind?

There’s a comment on the Discogs page of a Club No-No and SVN release that says something like: ‘This release makes me feel like a bug moving on a hot summer day’. I think all the tracks in this mix have that same vibe. Perhaps it’s reflective of the hot weather we’ve had these last weeks.

Which artists featured in the mix would you highlight? Why?

Some of my favourite artists feature in this mix; specifically Civilistjävel!, Gaia Tones, Porn Sword Tobacco, SVN and Dynamo Dreesen.

Their approach to textures and sounds have been very influential on my productions and tastes.

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How would you characterise yourself as a dj? How does your style differ from your productions?

I think my deejaying highlights particular sounds and elements that are prevalent in my productions. I would hope that my sets give a bit of context to my studio productions, as well as what influences them.

How have you changed and developed as an artist since you released NV Auto in 2018 for instance?

That’s tricky to pin down, but I think I’m getting better at refining the ideas I wish to present, and the concepts I’ve been thinking about since NV Auto. I wouldn’t say the music I make has changed necessarily, just that I’m better at expressing the ideas.

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Do you have anything special coming up in the next few months, we should keep an eye out for? Any releases, projects or bookings you’re particularly looking forward to?

I do! The next few months I’m working on some music with some friends, starting a regular radio show again, starting a club night, and hopefully playing some shows again, both live and deejaying.

I’m also starting a record label, but I fear that due to the current vinyl delays it’ll be more than a few months away.

You can follow Perko on Facebook, Instagram, Soundcloud and Bandcamp