Do you want more Strøm? Come get some on Solbjerg Plads

af | 12. sep 2023

Do you want more Strøm? You can still experience two electronic pieces composed specifically for the Strøm Festival 2023 – on a city square in Frederiksberg.

Even though Strøm Festival 2023 is over, there’s still time to immerse yourself in our Multichannel Round Trip experience: Two soundscapes created specifically for the festival and for the 32 underground speakers on Solbjerg Plads on Frederiksberg – by Alfredo92 and Julie Østengaard.

The daily playthroughs will continue until Thursday the 14th of September (last playthrough at 20.00-20.25).

Playthroughs Monday to Thursday:
07.30 – 07.55
16.00 – 16.25
20.00 – 20.25

The two composers have created two very different pieces for the underground sound system on the square.

Julie Østengaard’s piece, ‘Sewage People’, consists of fake AI-generated advertisements promising the impossible: Having endless success without stress.

“Upgrade your life in just one hundred upgrades” the voices promise from the underground. “Get your recognition. Our services will help you.”

”They are all quite absurd suggestions and schemes as how to achieve success and self-realization very quickly while maintaining peace and harmony in your soul at the same time, which is obviously impossible, because you’re so busy with all the improvements”, says Julie Østengaard.

“And all you really need is just one voice that asks you: Are you okay?”

Alfredo92’s piece, ‘Scuttle (Pond Version)’ is a rhythmic exploration of the movements going on on the square – and below, in the metro system.

“This square is supposed to be very streamlined, taking you easily from A to B. But it’s not, really. It becomes quite chaotic very quickly,” Alfredo 92 says and points to the edge of the square by the metro.

“When you enter the square from over there, you can hear some of the sounds from my piece and they will seem quite chaotic. But when you get to this place in the square, it all makes sense, rhythmically”.

Don’t miss out on these pieces of sound art. Just show up on the square and listen – and if you feel adventurous, move about on the square and discover the more hidden soundbites ascending from the sound wells.

The Multichannel Round Trip experience premiered on the first day of the festival – on 31st of August 2023 – and has played every day since then.

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