Strøm Mixx 022: Rumina

It’s Strøm Mixx time! This month's mix is made by Malmö based DJ & producer Rumina.

af | 2. nov 2022

This month’s mix is made by Malmö based DJ & producer Rumina. The mix focuses on a lot of Central & South American rave and hard drum releases. Rumina is a member of the eclectic music collective FNGRLCKN which is based in Malmö. Read about how Rumina finds inspiration in her community who remembers to also prioritize fun in challenging times. As a DJ she stays unloyal to genre, blending everything from hard drums to hardcore, and a wide range of contemporary club music.

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Who’s your mix dedicated to?

This mix is going to everyone who is struggling with this fall season thing because I’m having a hard time for sure. I hope this mix can bring some energy and warmth.

What inspires you at the moment?

I find inspiration from my friends and my community. Their curiosity and prioritization of FUN has given me so much and reminds me of not taking myself too seriously.

What’s happening in your professional life at the moment?

At the moment I’m trying to spend more time in the studio to work on new and older unfinished projects, but also to just play around and have fun. Sometimes when I’m too fed up with Ableton and my computer I’ll just play on my keyboard. This year I put a lot of time on learning and re-learning to play instruments. It’s so refreshing! I wasn’t really encouraged before and I didn’t allow myself to pick up these interests during my university years, so I’m happy I’m doing it now! I started taking saz classes in Copenhagen and also bought my very own saz. Me and two of my friends(Gina040 & Ekaliff – aslo DJs and producers, check them out!) also have this unnamed band thing going in which I play the bass guitar. This year we did a performance for Intonal Action (which is available on YouTube), and this fall we are working on some new stuff and hopefully a band name.


Ytem – Levia [Club Paradiso, 2022]
Martin.pdf & Syntrovert . Fuerte Cumbión [We Transa, 2020]
Lila Tirando A Violeta, Sueuga & Tazar Yoot – Archivos Corruptos [Soulfeeder, 2022]
Entrañas / MINAS – 4ttitude [CUMBIA.TU.MENTE, 2021]
XOF – Evergreen [OXYORANGE, 2018]
PVSSY & Entrañas . Manía [Tratratrax, 2022]
EL PLVYBXY – Divinorum [AGVA, 2022]
Gaszia – ApexClub [Kumo collective, 2021]
WULFFLUW XCIV – Fuzza [2021]
CRRDR – Agazajo [CUMBIA.TU.MENTE, 2022]
Moa Pillar – Leftovers [2020]
Shyqa – Betraying (WRACK remix) [Extasis Records, 2017]
Egroj – UPS [Infinite Machine, 2021]
Moa Pillar – Timelike Curve [2017]
Nick León – Grito [2022]
Dj Baba – Raptor This Rythim [MOTHERSHIP.EXE, 2022]
Syn – Stressbox [Super Kitchen, 2020]
DJ GÄP – Burning Brakes (TAYHANA Remix) [2022]
Fauste – Harsh Heaven [2022]
Escha & Ytem – Triple M [2022]
Cimarrón – Amigxs [nodo label, 2022]
FKOFF1963 – Poxa DJ (Cyberkills Remix) [2021]
Ten Eight Seven – Y U No
ABADIR – Mutate [SVBKVLT, 2022]
Siu Mata & Amor Satyr – Is This All Real [WAJANG, 2022]
DJ GÄP – Bird Attack [2022]
Næja – I’m Into NFT (Nice Feet and Toes) [Couvre x Chefs, 2022]
AGGROMANCE – el alma que te trajo (arca ravemix) [2022]
Lechuga Zafiro – Ayida Weddo [Salivatek, 2015]
Rumina – bgai [HTS, 2022]
Europa – Vorne Links [BCAA, 2021]
Nafftero – Caminando en un Sueño [REBOTE, 2022]
Olmatri – Maserati [2021]
Sucré Saleté ft. Cumslut666 – Buttons (Out of the Hammam remix) [2022]
BOGUE – Sunken Carcasses [Infinito Audio Network, 2021]
DJ FOAM – Sewage [Mind club, 2020]
b31b111 x Abssys – luvtapexxx (LVZY remix) [AGVA, 2021]
Olmatri – Taugenichts [Cime, 2022]
M.E.S.H. – follow & mute (estoc detox)
Kerox – AMBIENT FUCK [kaptcha, 2021]
KARLFROYE – Nothinghappenedbetweenus [Hyperlink, 2021]

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