John Vincent aka. JVC is a Copenhagen based B-Boy turned turntablist & producer. While hiphop is his main sound, his productions and DJ sets demonstrate a broad diversity of genres and influences. 

Being a real first mover JVC’s list of accomplishments is long, co-founding crews & events such as Club Live, Mahal Kita, OVA Dance Events, Dose Sampu, and Slumbanan. Aside from being on Roskilde Festivals Official Resident DJ line-up he’s played a multitude of stages at Distortion Festival since 2010, and throughout the years his skills and versatility have seen him supporting large international artists including Ms. Lauryn Hill, Craig David, Giggs, DJ Jazzy Jeff, IAMDDB and Stormzy, to name a few.

On the production side, JVC has worked with many Danish and international artists – currently with Kenyan Danish artist Ms. Katana, blending the sounds of RNB, Afrobeat and Swahili-soul. In the last year he’s released his debut album KASAMA including features from Desta French, Prettyboy DO, BAWO and more. On top of his production and studio work, JVC has been touring and performed with Danish talents such as Gilli, Benny Jamz, Kesi, Lamin, Klumben & Raske Penge, Bikstok Røgsystem and many more. Currently he is performing with artists like ICEKiiD, Alo Wala, FVN, JU KAIA & the aforementioned Ms. Katana.

This playlist embodies JVC’s roots and love of the culture, celebrating its deep and layered history through jazzy RNB, smooth soul and heavy hiphop.

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What are you up to at the moment?

I released my first compilation project on vinyl earlier this year called KASAMA feat. my friends on vocals,
doin’ what they do best! And atm guesim slowly cooking for the nextThis summer I’ve been touring with ICEKIID and the bandshout out to you brothers! Thpast weeks I’ve been fortunate to be traveling and performing shows with big sis Alo Wala, we just got back from Morocco where wperformed at The Oasis Festivalcraaaazy scenery

What was your last big musical experience?

LastGotta be Boiler Room in India with Alo Wala earlier this monthand the other DJ’s toocraaazy  Mumbai was an amazing experience, thestay lit!

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