HVAD DØGN: A thank you to everyone attending and a collection of photos catching some of the magic

af | 11. jan 2024

THANK YOU to everyone who joined HVAD DØGN – our 24 hour long sound ritual in Cisternerne from Janury 6th to January 7th.

Enjoy this collection of photos catching some of the subterranean magic.



Thank you to everyone who came back to the ritual several times – or just stayed there for hours and hours.


Thank you to everyone who traveled from other cities and countries. And to the people who waited by the entrance at 03.33 AM on Saturday – and the people who stayed ‘til the very end and cheered at 03.33 AM on Sunday.



Thank you to the people who meditated by the pillars, stared at the candles, read books in the dark (!), danced, explored their own inner worlds, lost their earrings forever, got comfortable in the chairs.



Thank you for exploring all the corners, finding your favourite (sound) spots and exploring some more.


Thank you for checking out the musical gear, listening intently, enjoying the spectacular weirdness, getting lost in the reverb, smiling at strangers in the dark.



Massive appreciation to the crew for setting up the sound system in the craziest snow blizzard weather conditions, turning the walls in Cisternerne into waterfalls. And massive gratefulness to the sun and the moon for attending the entire ritual from frosty blue skies.



Also, thank you to this lot from Strøm and Cisternerne for supporting the event so that it could happen:

Frederiksberg Kommune, Københavns Kommune, Statens Kunstfond, Frederiksberg Fonden, Wilhelm Hansen Fonden, Kommunal Dubplate Service and Bestles Fond.



Photos: Flemming Bo Jensen